Tour Journal:

Well… we’re home safe now, and very happy. This tour was by far the most successful one. Even during the very few rough times, we had enough to survive, and at best we saw so many friends and fans everywhere, new and old alike. Fortunately, these times were the majority of the trip, which made the drives so much more tolerable (although, having the wireless gameboy DS’s definitely helped).

So many thanks to all of you, we wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for your support. Extra thanks to Bucky (Pat) and Phil for coming along to help fill out the empty spaces in the music/performance.

We took 2 video cameras and 3 digital ones with us, thus far only one album has been posted (thanks Bucky!). Already one can see how big A-KON was (can’t believe we ate dinner with the creator of the Power Rangers and the actor for Chewbacca), the sexual Pacman cake we baked, day off at lake michagan, cooking in the tourvan, our rooftop trespassing on a closed down egyptian nightclub/cult center, and more. Explanations will come about when more albums are posted online.

Best of the best,
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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